Event Details

St. John Youth Pink Flamingo Fundraiser
August 30, 2017

St. John Youth Group's

 Pink Flamingo Fundraiser!!

The St. John Youth Group will again be flocking property as a part of a fundraising effort to support the youth and family ministry. So think of your neighbors and friends and flock their yards with cute pink Flamingos to show your support for St. John Youth.

How it works?      

You can send a flock of flamingos to any member of St. John for $15.00. The flock will land under the cover of a dark sky, stay on the property and build it's strength for 3 days, then fly off to another yard. You can fill out a card (provided in the narthex) with all info and donation money and place it in the box provided.

Flocking Insurance: Don't want thre flock to land in your yard? For $20.00 you can purchase Flamingo Protection!

Flocking will only take place in August so be sure to get your order in!!